Grease Articles

How to properly load grease gun? What way does a grease tube fit into a grease gun?


A grease gun is an essential tool for lubricating various mechanical parts, and knowing how to load it correctly is crucial for efficient operation. Additionally, responsible disposal of used grease tubes is essential to minimize environmental impact. In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the process of properly loading a grease tube into...

What kind of grease do you use on a garage door?


White lithium grease stands out as the optimal choice for garage door and garage door track lubrication. Squeeze tube and aerosol packaged white lithium grease provides the easiest application for proper lubrication of garage doors. It should be noted that some silicone greases do not contain adequate water resistant properties, and is why white lithium grease is recommended over silcone...

What is a standard size grease tube?


A standard USA grease tube contains 14 ounces or 396.89 grams of lubricating grease. Internationally 400 grams and 14.1 ounces is common fill weights for grease tubes. Grease tubes are essential tools throughout a wide range of industries, automotive, construction, maintenance, and industrial sectors. Grease tubes are specifically designed to hold and dispense grease efficiently, making lubrication tasks...